Including PDF Document in Domain Model

Hello, I am building an application and want to somehow include a pdf file in the domain model. This is for a student review application. The PDF will contain personal remarks and assessments to back up the assessments they make elsewhere in the program and it will be uploaded. How do I appropriately go about doing this? Is there a workaround or different approach needed? Any suggestions would help and thank you for taking your time to read this.
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Hi Mark,

You can include a pdf document in your application by creating an entity that inherits from the file document entity in the system module.

Here is some documentation on this


Regarding, the pdf containing personal remarks. Would the pdf be generated from the application? If so, you can use a document template to generate a pdf. 

Here is some documentation on generating documents


If you would need to upload the pdf and some how parse the data from it, that would be a much harder task. You would have much better luck importing a different file format such as excel. The app store has a good excel importer module that you could leverage.


Hope this helps!