Tip: do not use embedded hsql for memory/performance/load tests

We see some people using the built-in desktop-modeler database to run memory, performance or load tests. Hsqldb should not be used for this, as the results are not comparable to production situations. There are a couple of reasons for this: * hsqldb is an in-memory database loaded from a java library into the mendix runtime. This means that every object/record you store in this database consumes memory from the mendix runtime. This will impact memory usage and probably performance for larger tests. * hsqldb has a different way of executing queries than other databases. It will generate a different query plan. Performance experienced on Hsqldb are not representative for performance experienced on postgresql or other databases. The purpose of the built-in database is to quickly prototype functionality on your workstation. For all testing we advise you to either deploy to a cloud slot, or connect to a proper database like PostgreSQL.
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