View/Update/Delete data in Test and ACCP environments

Our solution has a PostgreSQL 9.6 database, and our Test and ACCP environments have orphan data that I must get rid of. How can I view, update, and/or delete these records?
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2 ideas for you:

  • Use microflows to retrieve the data to be deleted and to delete it.  This will enable you to ensure that you are retrieving only data you want to get rid of (i.e. you can select OrderLine objects that are not associated to an Order, for instance).
  • Use Postgres tools to view data and delete the rows you want to delete.  I am able to view and delete rows using PGAdmin, for instance.  With this method, you would need to download your databases from your cloud slot and upload them again once you've eliminated orphan rows.  You will need to be very careful when you delete rows to also delete any associated rows from other tables, or else your database will become corrupted from a Mendix standpoint.

IMO, the first option is preferable since with this method, Mendix will ensure referential integrity.

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Create a microflow which retrieves & deletes the orphan data.

retrieve orphans (missing association) would look like this