Display only Region of time zone

Hey everyone, Currently my application is set up to work with the Code attribute in the System.TimeZone module. It displays the time zone as "America/New_York". Is there a way to manipulate this to just say the regional timezone like "Eastern, Central, Pacific? 
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Hi James,

For your requirement you can try the following,

1. Create a Region entity in you App module with attribute Name and set many-many association with the Timezone entity in System module (Reference Set - Both).

2. Create a Region setup page with Datagrid and new/edit page.

3. In New/Edit page add a reference set selector for the newly created association. So your objects will be like Name : 'Pacific' Association : Set of TZ's that come under 'Pacific'.

4. To test this go to Accounts Overview and add a New Column for Region select the Region.Name through Account-User-TZ-Region association. Same can be done in the reference selector in Account New/Edit page for the Time Zone.

Hope this helps, sorry would have been easier with Screen Shots but I am not allowed to do so. :P Good Luck!