Problems with OQL query

Hi all,  Lets say i have two entitys, foodexpense and lodgingexpense.  These two entitys are associated with a third entity, customerlist.  what im trying to do is to combine one attribute from foodexpense and one attribute from lodgingexpense, and show it on a table, with the common key as the customername attribute from customerlist. This is my OQL query that i tried in the dataset. SELECT foodattribute, lodgingattribute, customerlist FROM test.foodexpense, test.lodgingexpense then i used INNER JOIN to link both test.foodexpense and test.lodgingexpense to test.customerlist However, the report grid works fine when i run the app locally, but when I run it on cloud, and try to access the report grid page, it gives this error ' An error has occured while handling this request' Is there anything im doing wrong?
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Is there anymore to the error that you got. Could you check the logs to see if there was an error thrown.

I have tried with this OQL

from Projects.Customers c
left join c/Projects.Dining_Customers/Projects.Dining d
left join c/Projects.Lodging_Customers/Projects.Lodging l
Select c.Name as CustomerName, d.Expense as DiningExpense, l.Expense as LodgingExpense

I used a left join that way i would still get the customer even if one of the expenses was not there. But either way I do not think that the query would be an issue.

Could it be something with the user roles and access to the data?