Dataloss on on-premise enviroment running Mendix and SQL Server cluster

We had a problems with data loss on a on-premise (windows and SQL server) environment. The SQL environment is running on a database cluster, when one of the server fails, the cluster resets to the other database. A switch to another happend before the data loss, due to a restart of one of the database servers (around 11:00).  The Mendix server got an update with a new package (around 09:00) , after that we added new data to the environment. The Mendix logs show no errors between 09:00 - 11:00. After 12:30 we see that multiple records of already existing data. The latest data after that is from 25th April, which was more then 7 days ago. A back-up from the 2nd of May contained more data then the version which was live after that. Another application also running on the same set-up had exactly the same problem. When looking at the events i'm convinced that this sounds like a database failure. But we can't find any problems when we look inside of the database logs. I would like to ask you guys if: my assumption is correct that the Mendix environment couldn't have caused the data loss in this scenario? Or if you do have any ideas about what could have caused the data loss?
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