How to add the System.User into a reference selector

In my app I want to be able to list down all the users registered in the System.User. I want to see the log in list so that I can get their Names so that I can assign a "Position" to that user. What I have done is below. Below there are 3 screen. One for the entity , One for the Output and One for the Main Content. What I did is I have an entity user in my module then I used Generalization to Administration Account which also use Generalization to System.User. That way I am hoping to get the Userlist to be mapped on the user entity in my module. But the result is that the reference selector is disabled. My Question is "How to correctly get the user list from System.User" so that I can use it to get the FullName of that user then use it to map it to a Position.
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I'm not completely sure on what you're trying to accomplish but when using specializations (inheritence) objects on the higher lever (generalized) will not be objects of a lower level (specialized).

Let's say I have an entity vehicles and a specialisation that enherits from vehicles called cars and a second entity called bikes. When I enter data in the bike or car entity, they both will be available in the vehicles entity as they are both vehicles. If I create a record in the vehicle entity they will only be available there as a bike and car are vehicles, but a vehicle is not nessarrily a bike or car.

The same is true for your users. The users entered in the system module are not accounts in the administration module, nor records in your own module's entity enheriting from the administration.account entity. This explains why you dont't see any data.

The fields in your screenshot are also read only, this has to do with the permissions setup on your entity and/or attributes. 

I hope this helps you further in finding a solution.