Association disappearing after commit

Hey guys,  We have an entity named Task that can be watched by (ie associated to) an Account via a many-to-many association. Whenever we commit this entity for the first time, if the current account is in the watchlist, that account is dropped from the list. I'll put a list of things I have tried to debug this, but if anyone could provide any insight or other methods that'd be amazing.   I have created a page preparation that simply creates a new Task, associates all Accounts to it, and loads a very basic Task New Edit page. The Task New Edit page simply displays a list of all Accounts associated with that Task, and a button that does nothing but commit Task and refresh in client.   The above might seem a little wordy, but it's VERY basic, and yet when I hit save, the current account still disappears from the watchlist both in memory and in the database the very first time you commit a new Task. There are only 4 activities in the entire process, and I have checked the variables pane at every step of the way, and the current account is in the list at every step of the process, and still disappears when the save microflow finishes. I have removed all validation rules and event handlers from Task and Account. I have also created an entirely new project to see if I could replicate this issue, however I cannot, leading me to think it must have something to do with our implementation, however I'm at a loss as to what to try next.  The only other straw I can clutch at is an idea maybe the actual queries being executed drop the current account from the list, however I'm not proficient at inspecting queries. If anyone is able to provide some quick insight into inspecting executed queries or knows if this is likely to be an issue let me know. 
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In your domain model is the owner of this association the task entity or the accounts entity? To find out, look at the association and see which entity has the black dot and which side has the arrow. 

Which ever entity has the black dot, that means they  are the owner of the association, and when ever you are setting this association you need to commit that object for the changes to save to the database. 


Try committing the list of accounts as well as the task to see if that fixes your issue. 

Also its possible that your page isn't updating after you make changes and you may have to use refresh in client. You can test this by navigating away from your page and back to it.


Hope this helps!