Orphaned Files in Mx7.4

In an empty local project I create a filedocument and upload a file. The deployment/data/files folder on my disk now contains the file. When I delete the filedocument via the default delete function the file is also removed from the deployment/data/files folder.  When I try this the second time, the filedocument is deleted. But..the file is still there on disk.    I cannot see the files directory in the mendix cloud but I am worried there are a lot of Orphaned files. In Mx 6.5 I could set this com.mendix.core.localfilesystem.cleaning.isEnabled setting but in Mx 7.4 it's gone.    What can I do to clean up these ophaned files? Or are they removed automatically in the MxCloud?
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One way to make sure is doing a full backup and restore. This way the environment gets cleaned. It will mean some downtime though.