Associate more than two entities

Hello, At the moment i still making a form in Mendix. The entity of this form 'Formulier_organisatie...' I made a reference to 'School'. If a user choosed a School, i will that he have to choose a referenced 'Opleiding'. I don't know how i can do it. I have tried it with a reference set selector, but then only 'school is posible'. Can you please help me
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What I'm guessing is that you want to select an Opleiding to be on the form so that the user can choose a specific Opleiding he wants, but he only should see the options that the selected school has. I think you are missing an association.

In my screenshot your user can choose 1 opleiding on his form.


I'm now doubting whether this will work, because the XPath will probably not look in context. To be sure you should set an OnChange Microflow on the selection of School


And use a microflow to select the "Selectable Objects"