SAP Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry) possible to use the HANA Database for deployment instead of PostgreSQL?

Hi everybody, I'm currently looking at the pricing in case we need to host multiple applications on the Cloud Foundry environment (SCP). When I deploy applications using my trial account, I can only deploy one so I don't have a very good idea of the resources needed. Furthermore, pricing of a small postgreSQL service on CF deployed in Europe, starts at 2100 a month.....(not taking other mandatory services into account) So, the questions are: 1. Can I used a HANA Db (or any other DB) instead of the postgrSQL to deploy my mendix applications? 2. What is the average resource a mid-size Mendix application uses when it runs? Yes, I know, SAP is expensive, but so is the Mendix platform. Most of the time storage is the cost factor here so I hope Hana will be an option (in the future). Kind regards and thanks! Laurens
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