connect to sql db and use custom Oauth 2 (Identity server 3) components for login ??

hi team, i have a requirement to create some kind of a progressing reporting engine which would directly look upon sql db and throw some reports onto a ux. Probably, we would want to use our own custom login framework for security purposes !! please let us know how easy is it to plugin into the mendix ??
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I have implemented a similar case whereby we did integrate with a TSQL by using the DatabaseConnector module, whereby we had creatd a service account with extended rights so all users could do their stuff.

The reason we had created a super service account was that our accounts are authenticated against Active directory and we don't store passwords in Mendix systems. So we could not use the AD accounts through the databaseconnector.

However if you do store (which I don't expect) credentials you could use that in a secure way with the database connector without having a generic super user account.