Excel stand alone data file as a data source

Hello Team,    I want to use my own excel data as a data source for SAP Application (Master-Detail template).  Somehow, I am searching for it and I am getting only half of the information to upload excel with exporter manager... I am not able to understand how come it's that difficult for rapid prototyping to use excel based data to show a simple master details layout ??  Is there any link you can get me to so I can do something ???  By the way, OData connection was successful and I was able to see the result.....    Please help me to get there.    Regards,  Ravindra Sonar    
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Trying to fit the bits and pieces together. If i understand you correctly:

- you try to export data out of your Mendix-App to an Excel using Excel Export Manager,

- and want to use the exported Excelfile as importfile for your SAP application.

- the structure of the data is Master-detail.

And oData is in there  somewhere.


Can you specify in more detail what you are trying to do?

Btw. If you are doing this as part of rapid prototyping, then don't mind the technical specifics at all, skip this entire exercise and just mock the import (make a dummy) into SAP. That is how you make Rapid Prototyping Rapid. deal with the implementation only after the Prototype is accepted.


No no --- I think I made the confusing statements while asking the question --- was a lot of on my mind while writing --- let me be clear with what I really looking for-

1. I would like to make one Shopping cart application, where I will be displaying the product list (Preferably in Master-Detail kind of template) and the user can add the product into Cart, with all the usual operations over cart and order processing. 
2. I do not have data in any system or do not want to take it from any database yet, because I don't want to expose the real data from the system for just a demo purpose.
3. So I have downloaded some sample Product list from the internet with all the required information I needed, I want to use this product list which is an Excel sheet document as a data source for the application I would like to make. 


FYI - 
I tried NorthWind data and ES5 OData services and was able to make the sample list display application. By saying about OData here I just wanted to say that I am not asking any help on how to create an application. 

My question is exactly about how to use Excel document as a data base/data source in an application development process. 

I hope I am clear this time... 


Hi Ravindra,

You would have to import those excel sheets using the excel importer module. In order to do this you would have to create an entity in your domain model (this is your database) and then for every column of the excel sheet you would create an attribute in the entity. Then once you setup the excel importer, you can create an import template to import all the excel sheet data into entity that you just created. 


Here is a good how to article.



here is a link to the excel importer module



Hope this helps!