full data grid with attributes from two entities

Hi everyone,  I am new at Mendix and I am struggling since two days with this issue and I will be really thankful for any help. I have a domain model with tree entities: Questions, Answers and Projects and I want to have a list view with a data grid on another page. The data grid have to be fulled with the attributes of two entities  (Questions and Answers).  How can I manage that?                Below the domain model and the data grid.  Thanks and Regards,
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Hi Abbey,

With your current domain model structure. You can accomplish this with a datagrid for projects, a dataview set to listen to the projects datagrid, and then another datagrid for answers with an xpath constraint. 


This is the domain model I used.


This is the page I created.


The left side is a datagrid of all the projects. The right side is a datagrid inside a dataview. The datasource of the dataview is set to "list to widget" and I selected the datagrid of projects. The datagrid of answers is showing a column of an attribute from the answer table and then another column of an attribute from the questions table. 

The xpath constraint for the answers datagrid is 

[Module.Answer_Project/Module.Project = '[%CurrentObject%]']


This constraint ensures when a project record is selected, the grid of answers/questions only shows that specific projects Questions/answers.


Here is some helpful documentation:

listen to widget datasource for dataviews






Hope this helps!