How to use SQLite database with Mendix webpage

I am absolutely newbie to the World of Mendix & have just started to build my first application. In a webinar about using Mendix offline I have heard that a SqLite database is used to store the offline data. I have been looking for a simple explanation to how connecting to my own SQLite DB can be achieved but to no avail. Would some of the users be so kind and describe in few words how it has to be done or show me some links to pages where such an explanation can be found. Thanks in advance. Jacek
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Why would you use SQLite, instead of Postgres? The fact that Mendix has chosen to implement offline mobile with a local SQLite database should be of little concern: it's abstracted away. In the cloud, Mendix runs Postgres. It's free, has native platform support and it's easy if you want to move data between the cloud environments and your local machine.


You can connect to a SQLite database, e.g. using the DatabaseConnector module from the AppStore, but the platform does not natively support running your Mendix app on a SQLite database. Especially for beginners, I would not recommend it: stick to using Postgres as that if far less complex.


Thank you for a swift reply.

As I have said before - I am just new to Mendix and when I was listening to a webinar about creating offline apps [ ] I have heard about Mendix using a SQLite database so in my first attempt I have decided to give a try to connecting one of my own db's.
Especially because the application mentioned in the experts' story was using one  of them itself.
So finally, Is connecting to SQLite not possible or just not recommended?