Use existing tables in Oracle with Mendix App

Hello All, I am new to Mendix and been playing around to integrate Mendix with existing Oracle database. I managed to connect, run query and statement using the database connector. Can someone let me know how I can use existing Oracle tables in Mendix app to perform add, update delete operations? How I can bind a mendix form to existing oracle table?     Thanks
1 answers

1) duplicate and persist to your mendix app (not recommended personally, seen the chances on outdated data, but efficient and easy to set up)

2) just in time consumption by the database connector (always live data) , connect the stuff to your session and it would be deleted automatically,,,and clear between can make persistent/non persistent (helper) entities/ a little bit more complex set up

3) oracle services (odata) or so? basically similar to 2.


note: utilize is ambigious, your context is unknown to me, assuming you mean to use the data in your app