Local Database to Cloud

Hi, Is there a way to put my local (postgres) database (with a lot of image files) to acceptance and production? I tried to create a backup from postgres and I get the following message: "The model in destination environment does not match with the one that was present when this backup was created."  After that I tried a different approach, I downloaded a full backup from acceptance and copied the files from my local deployment folder into the files folder of the downloaded backup. Then I tried to upload this again. The loader from uploading was green and I got a upload successful message in the upload screen. And after that I tried to restore the recently uploaded file...But I get a message: "Upload failed: unable to copy uploaded database archive". Please help! Kind regards,
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Check the documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/operate/backups

It is usefull to download a backup to see how the tar file should be structured.




To help you further I need to know your local postres version you are using and if you are trying to upload to V3 or V4 cloud.
And the structure should be db with db.backup containing the database and tree with all your subfolders 00, 01 etc. These directories should be zipped with a .tar extension and then again zipped with a gz extension.