Representation of 2/3 entities in Data Grid, Data View and Creation of PDF Files.

Hallo Guys,  I drastically need your help on this one and I'll be really thankful for any help. : )  I have a domain model with tree entities: Questions, Answers and Projects and I want to have a list view with a data grid on another page. The data grid have to be fulled with the attributes of two entities  (Questions and Answers). To resume my struggle, I want to answer each question with a unique answer and downlod the answered question  to a PDF -file. Below the domain model, a page screenshot, a screenshot  of the URL webpage and How I want to manage the page. Thanks a lot Elom
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If you want to show data of two entities in a datagrid, you can not have a many to many association. The datagrid is always showing data for one entity and can show data of related entities, if there can only be a single object of this other entity. The relation needs to be 1 to 1 or many to 1.

If you really need to use many to many associations, it might help to have a helper association that is many to one, that points at the other object you want to show in your grid. But in order to do this, you need to add some extra logic to always set this association.