Migrate data from local postgre database

Hi, I'm a new Mendix developer and I have a question about data migration. I'm trying to duplicate a project that I started with PHP and AngularJS into Mendix. Now that I have my CRUDs all working and all my logic as well, I'd like to migrate all the data from my local database, is there anything in the app store that could facilitate that process for me? A tutorial would help too. Thanks.
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If the amount of data allows you, I would export your existing database tables to Excel and use the Excel Importer to insert the data in you Mendix database.


If you've used Postgres so far the db migration will be simple to any other Postgres environment or to Mendix Cloud:

1)Open PGAdmin

2)Navigate to your database

3)Right click it and select backup 

4)Go through the backup process and restore the resulting file to your new environment. 

To what sort of environment are you trying to move it?