How to concatenate in OQL query for mendix?

I'm new to OQL so pardon if a similar issue like this has been resolved before, but I need to concatenate multiple rows into a single string for a report. How would I approach it? Is there something like LISTAGG that can create that list so I could tie it to the report? The rows look like this:  ID     FruitName 1      Orange 2      Apple 3     Watermelon   And I need it to show in a report like this: Name                    Order List Mike Becker         Orange, Apple, Watermelon   FROM App/Order Order INNER JOIN App/Fruits AS Fruits INNER JOIN App/Customer AS Cx SELECT CX.Name AS Customer, LISTAGG(FruitName, ' ') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY FruitName) AS OrderList Thank you guys in advance! 
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Have a look at question:

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