Xpath constraint on boolean variable issues

Hi all,  In my app, which is a healthcare support app we have Users assigned to Services, we also have People We Support assigned to Services as well. Users will only be able see People We Support that are assigned to the same service as them.  I am trying to show, in a list view, a list of people.  In the People entity they have an boolean attribute which tells us if they are active or not. The list view should only show people who are active.  Hear is the data source for the list view. It's pulling through people we support that the user is allowed to see and filtering so it only shows those that are active.    This is currently returning nothing, but when I look at a data grid I can clearly see that there are People We Support who are active.  I've tested by creating two data grids, one filtering by PWSIsActive = true and the other false.  The false datagrid populates as I would expect but the true datagrid does not, it shows nothing.  What am I doing wrong?
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If it shows nothing the sollution is almost always security. Are you sure you have the rights to see those objects?

So double check your entity access.