Associations between entities - Recovering data

Hey Mendix developers, I have a question for you guys. I created a simple domain model and imported the data using a Excell module from my old Postgres Database, all worked well.. Now my question is: How can I bring the data from my parent entity since I cannot (or I don't know how) link the entities by key (the way I did/do in my Postgres DB). Is there a way to link the entities by key (I imported the keys as well), so I can bring attributes that resides only on my parent entity? Thanks!
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I don't know if I fully get your problem, but I think you could just create associations between your entities and set them by iterating over your imported entities and search the matching parent entity by key (do a db retrieve and only retrieve the object with this key).


You can first import the tables from Excel to the Mendix app.

After it is imported you can create a microflow to link the two entities together by using the two id's.

You can do this by retrieving the complete list of the first object in a microflow, then loop over this list and search for the other object that has the ID that is supposed to be linked to the iterator object (the object in the loop). 

Once you've found it you can set the association.