Can Mendix internal database be used used for large number of data

Hi, I am using internal database of my Mendix application to store large amount of data. I am assuming we may be inserting 5000 rows of data everyday in a table. I will need to retrieve this data to show on the page based on certain conditions. I am not sure once we are in prod, how will this perform? Should I take out my database and use APIs to communicate with the data or will Mendix DB be able to handle the load without giving me timeouts while retrieving the data.
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Hi Romil,

 Without knowing the conditions of retrieval or the complexity of the data, it is not possible to say if the database performance will be sufficient.  However, we can say in general using the Mendix DB will be faster than data communicated over APIs.  There are fewer layers of delay between the Mendix DB and the Mendix App than with any other external DB.  Instead, you should work on tuning your database and application to ensure acceptable levels of performance.  This may include adding indexes to your database, archiving your data, ensuring your database is sufficiently sized, and optimizing the construction of your Mendix page.

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Hope this helps!