How to connect SQL Server instance on own machine for Local Modeller

how to connect from your local Modeler to connect to a SQL Server instance on your own machine 
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Here are some steps to follow:

  • (Assuming you have SQL Server installed and running locallay
  • Create an empty database in SQL Server Management Studio
  • In the modeler, in the Project Explorer expand the "Project" tree
  • Double-click settings
  • In the Configurations tab, click the New button
  • In the Database tab:
    • Select Microsoft SQL Server under the Type dropdown
    • Enter the database name, URL (localhost:1433 usually for SQL Server)
    • Enter username and password or choose integrated security
    • Click OK
  • Make your new configuration active by clicking the 'Make Active' button
  • Start your app. Mendix will automatically create the data structures necessary to match your project's domain model.


This part of the how-to article on using Postgres locally may also be helpful.


Not sure if you want to connect to a SQL server and retrieve data or that you want your modeler to use a SQL DB as a default DB. for the last option,

You can configure this in your project settings, create a new configuration and choose the DB type you want.