3 Million Execution Of A Certain SQL Coming From Mendix

Hello Everyone, In our environment we are using Mendix App + Oracle DB , in full performance test we see that in 1-2 hrs below SQL is executed many many times (3 Million) and causes DB to spent %37 of its time to spent in SQL Parse. Related SQL is below, can you please advise me to close the source of this below SQL or at least decrease the frequency of execution ? SQL : SELECT "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."ID", "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."EMAIL", "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."STOREID", "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."FULLNAME", "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."LANGUAGEENUM", "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."ISLOCALUSER", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."CHANGEDDATE", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."ACTIVE", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."CREATEDDATE", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."LASTLOGIN", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."WEBSERVICEUSER", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."ISANONYMOUS", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."FAILEDLOGINS", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."BLOCKED", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."NAME", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."PASSWORD", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."SYSTEM$OWNER", "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."SYSTEM$CHANGEDBY" FROM "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT" INNER JOIN "SYSTEM$USER" "DJ1SYSTEM$USER" ON "DJ1SYSTEM$USER"."ID" = "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."ID" WHERE "ADMINISTRATION$ACCOUNT"."ID" = :1 If this is related with an log/debug remained open pls show me to where to close. Best Regards
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This query seems like it retrieves an account for a current user. Depending on your performance test and your application, this could be explained; e.g. if you test your user interface with 1.000 concurrent users, and each page has a snippet which shows account information (such as a user's full name), this behavior might simply be a consequence of design decisions.


You should check the usages of the Account entity in your application, and see if you can explain three million queries with the performance test you have performed.