$currentObject/MyFirstModule.Challenge_Owner = [%CurrentUser%] is not working properly

Hi all, The situation: I am trying to hide EditChallenge Button based on regular expression like "$currentObject/MyFirstModule.Challenge_Owner = [%CurrentUser%]" here currentObject is of type Challenge and Owner is System.User.   What I'm trying to accomplish: I have created Challenge Entity and only Challenge Owner should be able to Edit that challenge details hence I want to show Edit button only to Owner using the association with System.User. I have Entities like Account, Owner, Image which are associated with Challenge with 1 to many relationship. Why the above regular expression is not working? Am I missing something?
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Is the owner association set on create of the challenge?
Is your user allowed to execute the microflow that is calle dwhen hitting the edit button?
Did you set up access rights on entity level? You should always do that. User rights should never be based on visibility settings on pages.