Retrieve issue & relationship

Hi all, I have 2 entities called Customer and PriceMatrix.  I changed the relationship from customer to pricematrix to many to many. Now im trying to retrieve the old records that i had with customer`s name which are connected to the pricintmatrix but with no success. Although i can retrieve all information which is committed to the pricematrix table, i can retrieve the name of the customer on that record after i changed the relationship.  Anyone can help?   UPDATE From pricingMatrix i have 1Customer-*PricingMatrix obj And from customers i have *-*
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You’ll need to create a microflow to update your many to many association with the values from the 1-many association.  It will be a simple microflow:

  • retrieve all PricingMatrix objects
  • create a loop to iterate over this list
  • in the loop, you will have one action which will update iteratorPricingMatrix.  In the update, you’ll set the value of the many to many relationship to the value of the 1 to many relationship.  
  • when you’re done, your two associations will have the same values
  • now you can delete the 1 – many association and use the many – many association moving forward

Hope that helps,