Listview not refreshing unless hard refresh is done on the page

I have a page that is being used to create a claim/contract for a user.  It is a mix of customer details and product details.  The main record locator page has a single listview with the table of the claim/contract details (combination of both customer and product) with the source being DB.  The product details data load fine but the customer details do not load into the table unless the page is manually refreshed (I should add that the customer details are being displayed via association). I’m not sure why there is such a long wait before the customer details will show in the table or if the page has to be manually refreshed. If the page is refreshed the user is taken back several steps because this is a multi tenant application which is a bad user experience.  Any suggestions as to how to fix this? I’d like to avoid loading the data in via microflow if possible.  
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Hi Andrew,

You can try using the feedback helper class. You would create a java action to refresh your listview. The code can be found in this question