REST API Inserting Data

I am having trouble importing data into my app using Excel and through REST APIs. I have gotten to the stage where I have GET and POST within my app, but I am having trouble with the location and localhost area. My app is running in the background and I am able to address it, but I keep getting stuck on how to reference and import my data. Could you please point me in the right direction? I have tried various URL links provided regarding REST APIs and Excel, but it is confusing because each page takes you to another page for more information.     Links I have tried:  Rest API HOST: https://localhost/8080/rest http://localhost:8080/rest-doc/rest/adddata/v1/swagger.json http://localhost:8080/rest-doc/rest/adddata/v1#/casesandassets/get_casesandassets_localhost_8080_rest_casesandassets Data is in an Excel file in a table format.    What I want to achieve is bringing in data into my app through the REST API method. I want to bring in data into my catalog of cases, in my app. If you could please provide direction, I would appreciate it!       
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Hello Ramsha,

I’m a bit confused on what you put in the description.

Are you trying to get data via Rest from your local app? 

If so, have you tried the example URL? http://localhost/8080/rest/adddata/v1/casesandassets

If you are trying to get data into your app from a service or file outside, you’re on the wrong path.

Edit: To consume a service you simply need to do that in a microflow through the call rest activity, here is the documentation for it 

Hope this helps !



I am trying to import data into my app using REST API. 

If I am on the wrong path, what are the steps I should be taking to get on the right path? 

Thank you for your help in advance! I appreciate it. 

- RZ