How to update the field values of newly added formula field in database?

Hi all, I have an object with existing data. Now I have created a new formula field (calculated field) to that object. Now when I open the record and closes, then only the value of formula field is calculating. I have so many records in my database. Now I want to update all of them. How can I achieve this. Suggest me how can I do this. Thanks in advance.   Regards, Venkat
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Hi Venkatesh,

As I understood you want to update field values already stored in your DB, here are some options :

1 -  Delete the whole Database from Deployment folder “data”, a new database will be created once you run your app.

2 -  Update from the  Database manually ,while running your app under console “advance > start built in database viewer” , find your table and perform an update statement .

3 – Update using a Microflow , Create a microflow to retrieve all the records of that entity  , loop and update then commit .

I hope this is what you need .