How to change the schema name for table in SQL Server from Mendix

Hello All,   I have established SQL server connection from Mendix using database connector. And everything works fine. The table gets created related to the entities and all the entries that I make in the app gets saved/updated/deleted accordingly. The schema name for all tables are dbo.’Table_Name’. How can I change the schema name? I tried to change the schema name by directly doing so in the SQL server and synchronized the database from Mendix, but this caused an error. ould someone advise me how to go around this issue?
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Your missing the point of Mendix because Mendix handles all the database stuff. Rename an entity in Mendix deploy again and you will see that the table name has changed in the database. Never adjust manually things in the database unless you know absolutly sure what you are doing.





When you change the schema name in sql server you should also change the schema name within the insert statement that you use on the dB connector. The insert statement should include the correct schema name to work appropriately.