Cant get values from database using the associations.

Hi, I am trying to get values of the medical emergency field on the basis of an associated child with that medical emergency. Above is the screenshot for my association used.  I created overview pages and inserted data.   In the overview pages, I can get child list drop down for that Medical emergency data view and I can submit it as well when I see the medical emergency data view I can see the record is inserted. Following is the screenshot for the records inserted in the db. But when I go to list view of the child who had Medical Emergency. I see “No items found”. As shown below. The list view is set to datasource=”Association”. I am not able to figure out what might be the possible issue which is causing this.   following is the screenshot  for the listview in modeler  Following is a screenshot for the list view on the browser. This following image is list of children and by clicking on the details page I am redirecting it to the association of the medical emergency to child list.(The screenshot is at the end).  
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I think your domain model is wrong. The Doctor and the Pharmacist are probably persons so I would model them as such. Then a doctor can be assigned to multiple children but a child aslo has multiple doctors so this should be a multiple multiple relation. So change medical emergency to medical person and add the type so you can distinguish between doctor, pharmacist etc.