Initialize Data when application starts the first time

Hi folks, is there a way to initialize the database at first start of an application? Is there some kind of hidden front end that I have not found so far? I was able to somehow see the internal database via console → advanced → show built-in database viewer → choose table → select * from table But this is apparently not meant for adding data. Are there any community modules, that provide a front end based on your current domain model where you can easily import data from e.g. a csv? Or will I have to create a separate microflow for that on my own?
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You could make an excel(/csv) import, database import, or just create your masterdata through a microflow in the after startup.

Check the appstore for some modules you can use.

What kind of data are we talking about and how much of it is there?


You can configure your app to use a postgreSQL database and manage it with pgAdmin if you're used to working with those programs.
Or install the Excel importer module from the app store, that does take some time to setup up but once you've done that it's easy to import data from csv.