Im unable to restore a backup locally

Hello! The documentation I followed is here. I am using the latest PosgreSQL version 11 with PgAdmin 4. I would like to try again with PosgreSQL 9.6.5 as the documentation notes, if someone can share a reliable download link! I don’t know if using 9.6.5 would solve my problem as I’m having trouble restoring a backup as my .backup file is more than 50 mb and PgAdmin has the file size limited at 50 mb.   Please help!! Edit: I tried again with PostgreSQL 9.6.12 and PgAdmin 4v3 as suggested in the comments and I am getting a Failed (exit code: 1). :( I still need help!!
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In the restore options: set Don’t Save Owner to YES


Hello Vivian,

Try the installers here: .

In 9.6 (9.6.12 in my case) I haven’t seen a DB backup size limit so far, I’ve restored backups larger than 1 GB without any problems.

Hope this helps


Hi Vivian,

I am currently using pgAdmin 4v3 with PostgreSQL 9.6 which works fine :)

You can find this version for download here

Good luck!


EDIT: took too long typing: what Dragos said