How to manually update data in Production? Can we access data directly?

I am a Microsoft Developer who has been tasked with taking over Mendix development and have an issue I cannot figure out.  I need to change a record in the production database.  In the Microsoft world, I would open Sql Server Management Studio and run an UPDATE query.  Can we get direct access to the Mendix database for updates?   The only option I know of in my limited Mendix experience is to have a test page with a button that runs a Microflow and in the Microflow I set the value and save it.  But that means I have to deploy a new package just for this one little update. The particular table does not have a form to get access to it.  It’s an internal table that stores some settings.  It was not created as a Constant that I could get to through Environments.   Suggestions?
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Hello Ryan,

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Create a database backup, download it, restore it locally, update it, re-upload it 
  2. Through the Mendix client API if security allows

I’d suggest doing the database update, and performing it only if you really need it since it’s a disruption to your app.

The client API on the other hand can change values on the fly but it’s also the easiest way of creating a mess.

Hope this helps


hi there,

you can develop a back end form to edit the data as adminstrator role