Slowing down with numerous calendar entries

Hi all,  We have a calendar in our app ( which displays planned activities daily records for people we support. You can look at this calendar on month or day view. The calendar seems to load every record as soon as the page loads, which in some cases grabs thousands of records, and this causes the calendar to load quite slowly especially if the users have a slow connection.  Extract from the browser console where you can see 17k+ records loading, which is only going to increase ad lots of records are added each day.  A few questions: Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the calendar to only load the day or month the user is looking at? Would indexing help? The link in the console with the 17634 in blue is ‘getObjectColors’ – we do have five different types of record and each type has its own colour. Is this where it’s taking the time or is the 17364 just because this is the last part of loading the records onto the calendar. Any other comments suggestion are more than welcome :) thank you  
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Is there a way you can alter the amount of events loaded from the functionality? Maybe use a microflow to retrieve the events based on specific parameters?

There is also a ‘limit event’ option in the event data tab, never used that could try that one.

An other option is to try the other calender widget from the appstore: