Can Mendix domain model be automatically created from an external db ?

Hello Developers, If I have an external db with all the table and mapping structure created, is there any way like a plugin or something where I can exactly replicate the table structures and mappings to automatically create the domain model ? This will help in lots of use cases, for eg: migration of an existing application to Mendix. Thanks in advance !!
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If you have your structure as json or xsd, you could create a mapping and let the modeler build all your entities and associations. But that would be a little dirty.


Yes there is such an app available in the AppStore:


Use this module to import data from existing databases into your Mendix application. You can define how to map each table, column and relation to your Mendix domain model. Complex mappings over multiple table joins are supported as well. The module can be configured using the client or using Java.

The module enables you to replicate the data from a MSSQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle database into your Mendix database. The module works similar to the Excel importer, uses the same code base (replication.jar) and provides similar functionality and stability.