Edit the info from current user not working

Okay so I have a domain model with 2 entities User and adress in a 1-* relation (a user can only have 1 adress but an adress can have multiple users) (as shown above). What I'm trying to do is create a user overview page so that the logged in user can see his infomation but can also edit his information on a other page. The problem is that I haven't found a way to edit the adress of the logged in user. I've tried using dataviews in dataviews but that makes the field uneditable (as shown above), while everything is set correctly in mendix so I couldn't find a solution. Hope one of you have the answer for my problem.
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You probably aren’t creating an ‘Adres’ object and associating the user to it. So, there is no object in the data view to edit, causing it to render as non-editable. To fix it, you’ll want to create an Adres object at some point in your workflow. If every user is expected to have one, you could do it when the user is created. If not, you could do it in a microflow before showing the page where they edit their address.

In general, when you run into a scenario where input fields are not editable but you can’t figure out why, there are 2 common causes:

  1. The object you’re looking at doesn’t exist (I’m 99% sure this is your issue)
  2. Security rules in the data model don’t permit the user to edit that entity


Side note: there is a setting on Data Views called Empty Entity Message. If you fill that in, a data view containing an empty object will show that message instead of rendering as non-editable.