SEVERE BUG: explicitly committed object gets treated as autocommited and deleted on logout

Hello,   We are having a major issue with cases that have disappeared from our new Mendix app. After doing some research, it seems that in some cases they are treated as autocommitted objects and deleted on logout, despite that they have been committed explicitly several times during the process (as confirmed by debugging):   Kind regards, Nick
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As far as I know, if an object is autocommited, because another object that refers to it is commited, the autocommited object will from now on be handled as autocommited, even if you commit it normally afterwards.

You may discuss if this is a proper behaviour and there have already been quite many such discussions on the forum. But the current state is just like that: If you commit an object A refering to an object B which is not yet commited, then this is a modeling error.

We can’t see from your flow if this is the case in your microflow, or not. If NOT, then yes, you should file a support ticket.

regards, Fabian


Are there associations between your entities? Even if this should not happen it may help to change the order in which you do your commits.
Are there any events that could cause issues like this? Possible side effects?


Is the this logline about the dekracase object you commit in the microflow you show. Or is it about another one? 

  1. Check where an object of DEKRACase is created
    1. goto the entity
    2. right mouse click,
    3. find microflow actions
    4. Create actions w/o commit
    5. Pick those who are involved with the user
  2. Which of them are committed by an explicit commit
  3. Which of them are committed by autocommit => result of commit referencing object owning the association.