Delete entity from client but not from database

Hello, Currently we are building a system to keep track of stock in a store. However, we have an issue regarding the fact that we need to delete a record of entity "Article” from the client but not from the database. So the autorities need to be able te see every "Article” the store had.   I hope you are able to help me. Kind regards,   Jochem
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Would hiding the article from the client be an option?

Give Article an attribute 'Visible’ for example. Set it on true or false depending on whether you want to show it in the client or not.

You could also use an enumeration for the status and call it 'Deleted’ for example. And then hide all items with status Deleted from the user.

Or implement some kind of archive in which you keep a list of all articles the store had.



I think the easiest way to solve that would be to add a boolean attribute to the “Article”, change it on a Delete action and set an X-Paht on the data overview.  Another opportunity would be to create an archive of all deleted “Articles”. I hope I understand your issue properly.