Optimal Oracle settings for Mendix

Hi, We're frequently having some issues with Oracle database. Some queries take (too) long to return a result to Mendix. Some queries are heavy but others not so much. We setup a new environment including a dedicated Oracle Database. We now experience performance issue we don't have on existing database. We want to optimize the Oracle Database but there are a lot of settings in Oracle. Is there and existing / advised list of Oracle parameters / settings specific to optimize performance for Mendix?     Screenshot of subset of parameters in Oracle Enterprise Manager, just for reference where we want to optimize the Oracle settings.  
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We performed several additional test and found out that when executing the Mendix generated SQL directly in Oracle (via PLSQLDeveloper) the first time took 0.2s and the second time 800+ seconds, third, forth etc took about 0.2s again. After some googling we suspected that this could be caused by a cardinality issue in Oracle.

It should be possible to avoid this by using the hidden setting: _OPTIMIZER_USE_FEEDBACK' = 'FALSE' but we were not able to find / edit this in Oracle

Apparently simular result can be achieved bij changing setting below: optimizer_adaptive_reporting_only parameter = TRUE We tried this and it works for us. We are not sure yet whether this has impact on other queries