Adding rule on attribute within the project domain

hi, I have added a rule on the mailaddress1 attribute to take the value of the permanent address attribute I guest that is not possible….
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Indeed you can't use the ‘Change Object’ activity in a rule. You will get the errormessage 'This action is not supported in rules’.

It is not even possible to add the ‘Change Object’ activity in a rule from the normal (sub-)menus or from the Toolbox. So you probably copy-pasted it out of a microflow.

The reason is probably because changing an object goes against the Single responsibility principle. The rule is meant  to only result in a booleanvalue.

If you want to change the MailAddress1 in order to use it to determine the booleanvalue (so not changing the object), than the option is to create a variable and use that for the determination.