Error at run locally adding attribute to existing entity, resulting in difference between modeler and actual database

Hi all,   I just updated to Mendix 7.23.5 and face a new issue that I can't place resulting in a difference in database between the modeler and the actual database as displayed in the HSQL database manager. Current Modeler Entity   HSQL local database manager   As you can see, the HSQL database has three attributes that do not exist in the modeler. I have tried to add these attributes in the modeler, but an error occurs when running locally. It seems the database changes have been processed before the error occurred. I could only successfully run locally after deleting the three attributes in the modeler.   First of all, could it be that the error adding attributes is due to the 250.000 objects in that entity (just too much to process)? Secondly, I'm stuck with a difference between the modeler and the HSQL Database, how can I delete the attributes from the HSQL database?   Hoping to hear from you!   Cheers,  Paul
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To remove the columns in the hsqldb you can use the ALTER TABLE statement like:


For more information see:


I would use the HSQL database only with very small projects. The HSQL is not so robust as Postgress or any of the other possible databases. My advise would be to always use Postgress because that is the database that is also used in the Mendix cloud. To solve your problem would be to create a csv datadump from your current data and create the database anew in Postgress and then import those csv files again.