Discrepancy in information about free app DB storage in the help information and the Mendix website

Hi, I see a difference in the information about the free app: This location: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/deploy/mendix-cloud-deploy#5-deploying-a-free-app-to-the-mendix-cloud Describes for DB storage:  Storage100MB of data and 100MB of file storage space. This location: https://www.mendix.com/pricing/ Describes: Apps built with Free Edition are allocated 0.5GB RAM for Mendix Runtime Engine, 0.5GB of data storage, and 1GB of file storage. Which information is correct? Thanks Cillus  
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If i would have to take a guess, the Pricing one might be more up to date. Because during Mendix World they released new ‘pricing’s.  And the doc you linked says that it’s last updated on May 13, 2019

But I this case it’s probably best to ask Mendix directly and ask them to check the consistency in the docs/site.