How to access/view damaged data in production system?

Hi all, our app is hosted on the SAP Cloud Platform. Today, a user changed the value of an attribute of an object from the entity “IT Requirements”. I don’t know what the user really changed the attribute to, but I think we missed to implement correct validation of the attribute (which should be an integer). However, this change causes the error “An error occured, please contact your system administrator.” This error message only appears when I try to open a view where this IT Requirement should appear. I have a data grid which lists all IT Requirements. This data grid has several pages and it shows each IT Requirement properly. As soon as I am switching to the page where the “damaged” IT Requirement should appear, I receive the error mentioned above and an empty list/data grid. Also in all the other views where this IT Requirement should appear, the error message appears. I am not able the see the IT Requirement nor to edit or delete the IT Requirement. How can I access/delete that IT Requirement? Best regards, Ömer
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Did you check the logs to see what this error is really about?

Just showing data that is in your database should not throw such an error. Could it be that there is a calculated attribute where the calculation fails because of invalid data?