Customizable Progress Bar

I have an app that takes data and cleans it up, but what I want is to be able to see the progress of how much data is left to be “cleaned”  Each object has a monetary value associated with it and I want to be able to see something along the lines of… $75,000/$800,000 cleaned.  Right now the data is one entity, just with a new attribute for after it is “cleaned” .  The only sort of thing I have found seems to be progress bars, but from my understanding of them that’s not what I want.  Any widgets I can use?  **Edit** It would probably be easier just to show how much monetary value remains to be “cleaned” so i would need to be able to display an aggregated value from a datagrid somewhere else not on that datagrid on a different page.  But im not sure how to do this.
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If this is a fairly quick operation it might not be worth displaying the progress as it might have an impact on your performance. 

With that said, I would connect all of the objects in your batch to a Summary object, you can then give the summary object two attributes: Current progress, Total. Assign Total as a sum from your values – you can perform a list aggregation. You can then simply change “Current progress” to add the processed value to it every time you update a line, and refresh in client when required. 

Hope this helps