Bind dropdown with list of values in a column.

Hi, I have a entity  say ‘X’. I want to use a unique value present in attribute of entity ‘X’ to bind a drop down or reference selector. Is these feasible ? Thanks. 
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If you mean “a unique value present in attribute of entity ‘X’ “ that you objects of entity X have all the same value: no, this is not feasible. 

You can bind a dropdown to an attribute of type Enumeration or Boolean.

You can bind a Reference selector to an entity’s association.


Dear Nitin,

You could keep track of all the unique value, and create a helper objects in the domain model, and usw a reference selector. 

To keep track you can use after commit microflow on the model. 

Or when working on huge data sets OQL might give you some options.

Cheers, Andries