Data has not synchronised between desktop modeller and web modeller

I’m trying to publish my first app using Mendix. I created the app using Modeller 7.23.6 and it is working well with the data I have added in my local environment. The process I used was … Created Domain Model and pages in local environment using Modeller Committed these to the main branch Synchronised the project directory from Modeller and these are updated in the web modeller. I created the APK file and loaded it onto my device for testing HOWEVER, the data that I created in the local environment has not synchronised to the cloud and my Device App has all the pages and functionality, but no data. Could anyone advise please what step I have missed. Thanks.
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In desktop modeler go to Project/More versioning and select Add snapshot of data. This will make zip file in your project folder and you will be asked if you want to commit. By commit the snapshot will be uploaded to team server.

Reason: in desktop modeler you are using local database, while web modeler runs app in sandbox which use the database in the cloud.