Database for my app

Hi Mendix community, I have ready my locally app to use it in my IT group...It’s very simple and will help us to manage change requests internally… The Data transaction is not very high but It must hold about documents like pdf, msg, xlsx, docx (about 10 or 15 documents) corresponding to each change request. The app was built with the database built-in of Mendix...This DB built-in will be that the app will use in production environment...? It's appropriate to hold the documents or it's better attach a database like MariaDB...? What recommend that It'll be free...?
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Documents are not stored in the database, but on filesystem. If you deploy to the mendix cloud, it will automatically be provisioned with a PostgreSQL database and Amazon s3 for file storage. Both are more than sufficient to store your data and files.

If you want to do an on-premises deployment, aka provide your own database and filestorage, PostgreSQL is a better choice than MariaDB. Both a free.