n:m relationship reference selector

Hey, I want to edit the line i have chosen by clicking the edit buttom, but when I want to edit the page and add a text area I cant choose anyother entity than the one i’ve chosen from the database. Also a reference set selector doesn’t work as expected. Anyone here who can help me with this?
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You will never be able to edit an associated attribute in a text area.  For the domain model that you showed, you will need to use a Reference Set Selector.  You said this didn’t work as expected.  Did you receive an error?  Did it not satisfy your use case? 

Some additional information would be helpful to provide some suggestions.



Hi Mike,

thanks for your answer!

What I meant with ‘it doesn’t work as expected’ was that the usability of the Reference Set Selector as I’ve used it is not good from a users POV.

In the first window that opens up I need to click the ADD button and on the following page I can select the attributs.

I’d like to implement the attribute selection page into the first page that I don’t need to click the ADD button.